We continuously re-invest and develop to maintain organic growth & resilience.

“Our commitment to sustainability is woven into all our business activities that focus on three pillars: economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability.”

We continuously re-invest and develop to maintain the organic growth nature and the resilient character of our business. Focus on developing and retaining our human capital enables us to constantly generate new ideas and innovate. Thanks to our environmental friendliness, each day we expend efforts to do little things, like maintaining a paperless office to improve on the environment.

Our growth depends on pooling resources (investors, customers, employees and healthcare providers) for a better measurable patient outcome.


For further information please contact us:

Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd.,
Imm. Tex-Tradex Bonamoussadi,
P.O. Box 10189, Douala, Littoral Region,
Republic of Cameoon.

Tel.: +237 233 470 378
Cell: +237 695 84 84 84 (Help Desk)