Passion, excellence, entrepreneural spirit, and rejection of the status quo are just a few of the things that the Gima-Bambot Healthcare team members have in common.

Gima-Bambot Healthcare crew generates ideas that impact patient outcome. From the delivery of medical devices that transform treatment outcome to training and education programs that boost next-generation healthcare providers, our team provides new ways hospitals purchase, deploy and use medical devices. We make access easy, fast, fun and convenient.

If you believe strongly in diversity and teamwork, in solving problems and innovating, if you are a healthcare professional, business executive, manager, product specialist and intrapreneur, then join us now in improving healthcare in Cameroon.


For further information please contact us:

Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd.,
Imm. Tex-Tradex Bonamoussadi,
P.O. Box 10189, Douala, Littoral Region,
Republic of Cameoon.

Tel.: +237 233 470 378
Cell: +237 695 84 84 84 (Help Desk)